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Category: Wednesdays in the Word

Wednesdays in the Word: 03.24.2021

Lenten Journey: Trees Join Matt and Austin as they wrap up their Lenten Journey through Creation with a study on trees throughout scripture. From the Tree of Life to acacia trees, to the tree upon which our savior hung, trees tell a story throughout the Bible, and we are part of it.

Wednesdays in the Word: 03.17.2021

Lenten Journey: Light What does it mean when John describes Jesus as the “True Light” which entered our world and what does this “Light” reveal in our lives? Today we will be studying the concept of light throughout scripture and how we can be carriers of that light.

Wednesdays in the Word: 03.10.2021

Lenten Journey: Mountains Join us today on the “mountains” as we encounter the Presence of God and learn what it means to have a true “mountain-top” experience with God. As we sift through God’s word, we will be learning why mountains are important in the Bible, what happens on those mountains, and how we can… Continue Reading

Wednesdays in the Word: 03.03.2021

Lenten Journey: Water  For this week’s Wednesdays in the Word, we are taking a journey through the waters of the Bible and discovering the water of life in our lives. Even when we walk through the bitterness of this life, we can trust that God will lead us into restoration and healing. The living… Continue Reading

Wednesdays in the Word: 02.24.2021

Lenten Journey: Desert Are you willing to walk with Jesus through the desert? For this week’s Wednesdays in the Word, we will be unpacking Matthew 4:1-11 and learning more about Jesus’ test in the wilderness. The desert is where we go to die of ourselves, rid our hearts of selfishness, and take on the humility… Continue Reading

Wednesdays in the Word: 05.27.2020

Spirit-Filled Fellowship (Withholding Nothing) Last week we talked about Gratitude and Joy. I am grateful and joyful knowing that you are participating with me today. This week, since we are nearing Pentecost, I want to talk about the Holy Spirit and the Fellowship of Believers. Acts 2 – The Holy Spirit comes when the apostles… Continue Reading

Wednesdays in the Word: 05.20.2020

Grateful and Aware Disclaimer: Today’s message might come across as ignorant if you are someone who is struggling right now. Please know that when I talk about gratitude and joy, I do not mean ignorance of pain and suffering. If you are facing some deep darkness in your life right now and are struggling to… Continue Reading

Wednesdays in the Word: 05.13.2020

The Blessing In National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, Aunt Bethany can’t figure out how to give the blessing for Christmas dinner. Uncle Lewis tries to help her out, but she still can’t figure out the blessing. I also struggled to figure out God’s blessing when I was reading the New Testament. The lingering question I faced… Continue Reading

Wednesdays in the Word: 03.18.2020

Simplicity, Solitude, and Sabbath – Whether we like it or not. I thought I would put a small segment together today called Wednesdays in the Word, because we are not gathering for Wonderful Wednesdays but it is still important for us to dive into God’s word, explore our faith, and enjoy what God has for… Continue Reading